Don’t let the stress of handling payroll get you down.
Let Applied Payroll be the Solution!
Our experts are available to help you today.
Our comprehensive solutions will keep your payroll function humming.
All the pieces of payroll services coming together like a puzzle.

We provide a full range of flexible human resources payroll services.

From the employee application process to seamlessly paying your staff, our intuitive system is feature rich and easy to use.

Features of Our System

Payroll Services
Time & Labor Management
Applicant Tracking
Easy Online Portal


...and much more—you will have amazing tools at your disposal.

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Why We Are Different

Our team has well over 50 years combined experience in payroll processing. We have been on the operations end of taking care of payroll.

We understand there are other companies who provide services similar to ours. There are none that do it the way we do - by making the distinction in our customer service, providing amazing software that will do an amazing job, and supporting you, our customer, every step of the way. That's why we are different.

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